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Web Radio Maroc Culture

Coopérative Agence Essaouira Communication

Maroc Culture is a Moroccan web radio station specialized in all things cultural in the country. It was founded in 2019 to enrich cultural content in the media through the production of audio, visual and written articles. The objective of this station is to create a media space for educated young people, to help them share their achievements with the public, and thus encourage this category of youth to take an interest in cultural issues. It will also provide an overview of aspects related to Moroccan culture and heritage through the cultural plan project. Our ambition is to create a fair and comprehensive cultural policy in this field. Through this project, we also seek to develop a working methodology through which culture and art are a means of eliminating the rhetoric of hatred and violence and, in turn, promoting the values of peace and coexistence. We will work to provide participatory content that is the result of interactions with readers and educated listeners. We will take advantage of digital means at our disposal to reach the targeted category.