Environment and Climate

Climate change is accelerating at a fast pace with disastrous consequences worldwide, requiring immediate large-scale mobilization and effective action to carry out solutions to save life on the planet.

In this context, the Paris Peace Forum puts forward actionable solutions to steer global cooperation towards a greener and more sustainable path for all.

Global Health

The world remains structurally unprepared to face the next pandemic. Institutions are facing multiple shocks simultaneously (pandemics, climate change, war, debt & inflation, poverty, etc.) and are more fragile than ever.

In this context, the Paris Peace Forum has established itself as a platform to help generate and disseminate ideas to inform the post-Covid governance of global health, ensuring that the right lessons are learned from the pandemic to forge a more effective, predictable and equitable global health system for the future.

Digital World

More than 5 billion people of the earth’s 8 billion use the Internet worldwide. However, with amazing opportunities brought by the digital world come serious risks and inequalities such as child sexual exploitation online or harmful content. The emerging AI technology could reshape the global economy and improve the health of millions of people but is also linked to major risks.

Considering the increasing stakes of pervasive digital technologies and their applications, the Paris Peace Forum proposes solutions to tackle those safety challenges and to make the digital world a safe and secured space for all.

Outer Space

Outer space is a global common offering important economic, scientific, and strategic benefits for all mankind. However, outer space activities have increased so rapidly that institutional space governance frameworks no longer address the myriad challenges faced by space actors and the international community.

In this regard, the Paris Peace Forum is committed to fostering greater political awareness, enabling and facilitating international dialogue on outer space issues despite geopolitical tensions, and setting the international dialogue on emerging and upcoming policy challenges.