Discover the projects that will be showcased at the Paris Peace Forum

The Paris Peace Forum is an annual platform for global governance projects. Conceived as a response to rising tensions in today’s world, it is based on the conviction that sustainable peace can only be achieved through transnational cooperation in several sectors. The Forum thus aims to be the place for joint solutions in the fields of peace and security, environment, development, new technologies and inclusive economy. Every year, it will convene up to 20,000 representatives from politics, economics, academia, media and civil society to discuss and advance governance projects in these domains.

The Paris Peace Forum’s Selection Committee received close to 900 applications from 116 countries. Among them, 119 projects were selected to be showcased at the first Paris Peace Forum, taking place from 11 to 13 November 2018 at La Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris.

For the selected project leaders it is the opportunity to connect with global governance actors to discuss their ideas and make them known with experts and decision-makers, liaise with potential funders and ultimately push their initiative further towards successful implementation.

The Selection Committee has evaluated all applications and made its choice based on the quality of the projects as well as a geographical balance. Selected project leaders represent the key stakeholders in global governance in particular international organizations and civil society including NGOs, foundations, think tanks, universities and companies.

Selected projects

Geographic area

Role and composition
of the Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is composed of:

  • Trisha Shetty, President of the Selection Committee

  • Pascal Lamy, President of the Steering Committee

  • Justin Vaïsse, President of the Paris Peace Forum

  • Nora Müller, Representing of the Körber Foundation

  • Vanessa Scherrer, Representing of Sciences Po

The evaluation criteria of the Selection Committee were:

  • The motivation of the candidates

  • The quality of the project

  • The potential of the project

  • The interest of presenting the project at the Paris Peace Forum

  • Balanced geographic representation and diversity of the projects

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