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StopNCII.org is a free tool that supports victims of Non-Consensual Intimate Image (NCII) abuse. Often referred to in the media as Revenge Porn, NCII is a catastrophic form of abuse that destroys lives (both sharing or the threat to share). Launched in 2015 by SWGfL, the UK Revenge Porn Helpline has supported over 13,000 NCII victims and of these 4% have expressed some form of suicidal ideation. NCII has a significant gender imbalance. Women are around five times more likely to be victims of intimate image abuse whilst conversely predominantly male–perpetrated. StopNCII is revolutionary. It is technology that empowers victims to take control of their own images by working with online platforms to both proactively remove these images where they exist online whilst at the same time preventing anyone from posting them onto these platforms.