Ensuring trust and safety in the digital world

Projet phare « Lutte contre la désinformation »


Project presentation

The “fight against disinformation” flagship project aims to strengthen the resilience of French-speaking states and societies to face information disorders which represent a major challenge for the well-being of populations, social cohesion and democratic processes. It is structured around four areas of intervention:

1. Capacity-building for French-speaking fact-checkers

2. The fight against disinformation through democratic means of regulation

3. Media and information literacy

4. Support for research and the sharing of French-speaking knowledge on disinformation



Organization presentation

The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) is an institution founded on the sharing of a language, French, and common values. OIF brings together 88 States and governments. Being present on all five continents, OIF carries out political and cooperation activities in the following priority areas: the French language and cultural diversity; peace, democracy and human rights; education and training; sustainable development and solidarity.



  • 100 French-speaking initiatives mobilized in 30 countries
  • 300 pieces of content produced
  • 2,300 people trained in the fight against disinformation