Issue Brief
Ensuring trust and safety in the digital world

Paris Call: Protecting Critical Infrastructures Against Systemic Harms

10 November 2023
Issue Brief

Protecting Critical Infrastructures Against Systemic Harms

A path forward to overcome national discrepancies?


Over the past decade, increasingly robust and comprehensive regulatory frameworks, strategies and policy initiatives to protect critical infrastructures from cyber threats have been adopted at national and regional levels across the Globe. Yet, recent years presented numerous
examples of cyberattacks on sectors of vital importance to populations - widely documented by public authorities, the private sector and civil society. Intergovernmental and multistakeholder cooperation in this respect has in the same period undeniably progressed, but remains limited by a lack of international harmonization.

Starting from this premise and in light of the recent outcomes of multilateral cyber processes, the Paris Call community convened in a preparatory working group to explore what can be done to overcome political and methodological challenges so as to advance international cooperation for the protection and resilience of critical infrastructures against cyber harms.

In this Issue Brief, The Paris Call’s Working Group on Critical Infrastructure Identification set three guiding priorities, that all interested stakeholders might consider in their own efforts.

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