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Harmful Content Working Group: Progress Report

21 November 2022
White Papers

A multistakeholder effort to unpack the idea of “harmful” content

Since the emergence of Web 2.0, the Internet has radically expanded the scope of the public sphere and the potential for intersubjectivity by providing its users with an unprecedented means for instantly interacting and sharing content across the globe. The traditional debate on the extent and limits to the freedom of expression thus soon had to be raised for this new, extended public sphere. The global scale and immediateness of the cyber environment however bring critical tensions in any possible answer.

As of January 2022, experts from all over the world and from all sectors have been working to unpack the very idea of ‘harmful’ content online, as part of a prospective, multistakeholder working group, whose progress report is now available. Its main conclusions were presented and further explored during a high-level roundtable gathering policymakers, representatives from the private sector and the civil society.

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