Ensuring trust and safety in the digital world

Disinformation and digital marketing

South America

Project presentation

InternetLab’s approach to tackling disinformation in the digital age involves working with digital marketers through constructive dialogue. Their aim is to engage a wide range of people and help them gain a deeper understanding of what misinformation is. By promoting cooperation and innovation, they hope to achieve their long-term goals of promoting a well-informed public, maintaining the integrity of public discourse, and encouraging responsible marketing practices. They are proud to have formed partnerships with leading agencies such as Lema and Quid and to have received financial support from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Open Society Foundation. Together, they are developing impactful resources, hosting workshops, and fostering conversations to address the challenges advertisers face in the digital age while promoting healthy public debate.


Organization presentation

INTERNETLAB is a research center that operates independently and focuses on promoting academic discussions on law and technology, particularly internet policy. They aim to carry out interdisciplinary research with a significant impact and encourage dialogue between professionals, policymakers, and academics. The adoption of an entrepreneurial nonprofit approach enables them to produce scholarly research in the style and ethos of an academic think tank.



Three panels with 15+ advertising leaders discussed misinformation, influence in the digital age, and programmatic media; the resulting series of videos garnered approximately 28,000 views in total.