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Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST)

Network of Southern Think Tanks (Nest)

The participation of NeST in the Paris Peace Forum is based on its firm conviction that sustainable development in Global South is significantly contributing to the generation of shared peace and prosperity. Being a platform populated by important think tanks in the Global South that work closely with CSOs and policy makers, NeST is contributing significantly to improve the status of global governance through its cutting-edge policy research on Development Cooperation in general and SSC in particular. Focus Areas of NeST are: • Theorizing operationally successful model of SSC; • Impact assessment of SSC; and • Documentation of SSC. The regional initiatives of NeST are: • China International Development Research Network, China: It is an informal association of Chinese research centres, institutes and university departments created and developed by scholars and researchers interested in China’s role in international development and its engagement with other developing countries. It provides a platform for sharing and dissemination of international development knowledge and experiences among academic institutions, international organizations, government agencies and other stakeholders in this field. It supports knowledge-based policy development in the country. • NeST, South Africa: It is a multi stakeholder platform to discusses issues, challenges and opportunities for development cooperation in Africa. It provides inputs for local and regional debates and develops analytical framework and toolkits, evidence-based field research capacity-building and training services, policy supports and improving data quality for SSC. It provides inputs for global and regional debates. • Forum for Indian Development Cooperation (FIDC): The tripartite character of this forum facilitates dialogue among government representatives, academia and civil society organizations on India’s development cooperation with its partner countries. It encourages debates and analytical research and facilitates informed debates on policy frameworks in India and other countries. It also analyses the contribution and impact of India’s development assistance programmes abroad. • NeST, Brazil: It carries out research activities for debates on SSC and Brazilian cooperation. It seeks to identify and elaborate Brazil’s approach to SSC and how it relates to other emerging countries and the OECD and how it can contribute to Global NeST Network. It is engaged in understanding the nature, concepts, principles, approaches and indicators of development cooperation in Brazil and Latin America, besides improving availability of data information on the activities of Brazil and Latin American countries. It organizes meetings, workshops and seminars in the region with Brazilian and other researchers. It also contributes for the creation of regional network of NeST Latin America.