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Gender-responsive peacebuilding

International organization for migration (iom)

IOM implemented the innovative project “Leveraging the Strength of Women in Peacebuilding and Promoting Gender Sensitivity in The National Programme on Disengaged Combatants” with catalytic funding from UNPBF. IOM engaged local women networks and civil society organizations to support 150 women who made the risky decision to disengage from the extremist group al-Shabaab (AS). The project provided gender-sensitive services to facilitate rehabilitation and sustainable social and economic reintegration. IOM will continue to focus on furthering its support to build the capacity of the Somali government to serve women who disassociate from extremist groups. There is an opportunity to expand to other strategic conflict-affected regions of the country where these services are not available. IOM will continue to mobilize resources to support more women and to increase resilience in communities.