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Knockout: do not give up


2023-24 Scale-up project


Project presentation

Knockout, implemented by VIRAL, the World Boxing Council and the Reconciliation Foundation is a tertiary prevention model implemented in prisons of different states of Mexico and Argentina that seeks, through the practice of boxing and emotional care, to contribute to the social reintegration of inmates. Boxing has proved to be a successful mechanism to encourage discipline, health, and teamwork among the internees, helping many of them to beat addictions. Likewise, emotional attention through forgiveness workshops and psycho-emotional care have helped them to decrease negative emotions, modifying the risk dynamics in which they live. This program aims to provide this group with life skills to reintegrate into society once they are released from prison, reducing antisocial and violent behaviors. With 9 years of experience, this program has shown excellent, enduring results.



Organization presentation

VIRAL is a national youth network that works through art, sports, social economy, and culture in grassroots strategies and projects for social reintegration and violence prevention in vulnerable populations and communities. Together with the World Boxing Council (WBC), and the Foundation for Reconciliation, they implement Knockout: do not give up, a tertiary prevention model that, through boxing and comprehensive emotional care, contributes to the social reintegration of inmates.



More than 6000 people have been impacted, both prisoners and their families throughout the 9 years of the program. 90% of the participants stopped using drugs.