Protecting the planet and the people

Premium carbon credits for solar empowerment


Project Presentation

Namene provides affordable, reliable, everyday devices to low-income, off-grid families - harnessing clean technology to transform lives. Their high-quality solar lights are subsidised through the sale of Gold Standard Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs), allowing them to bring clean lighting to underserved households in Africa at up to 70% off on retail value. Each Namene VER gives at least five families clean lighting and many other social and environmental benefits. They have impacted nearly half a million families to date. They aim to distribute 2 million lights by end 2024, and 20 million clean devices in Africa and South Asia by 2035. They believe generating premium carbon credits linked to durable clean products is key to tackling climate change and ending energy poverty. By setting the highest standards for their VERs, they are helping shape a trustworthy, effective voluntary carbon market.



Organization presentation

Namene’s purpose is to empower every community through clean technology. As a business that believes people and planet should come first, Namene provides highly reliable and sustainable everyday devices which are affordable to low-income and off-grid families, enabling them to buy what they need when they need it. This is the result of price subsidies through the sale of high-integrity carbon credits based on the carbon-saving value of these devices.



Namene has distributed over 1 million discounted solar lights to off-grid communities in Africa - allowing 10,000 families a week to replace toxic kerosene lamps and save an average of $70 per year.