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« Madini » Minerais pour la paix


Project presentation

The Madini project uses conflict management interventions and improvements in mining governance in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to secure access to critical minerals, while simultaneously ensuring these key minerals are exploited responsibly. The project thus contributes to the stability and economic development of the mining areas, creating a win-win situation for both supplier and demand countries. The DRC is one of the world's main sources of certain minerals, such as coltan, which are essential for the energy transition. The innovative approach piloted by Madini in the eastern DRC is rich in lessons on how due diligence challenges can be overcome and advance more equitable sourcing.


Organization presentation

International Alert is a peace-building organization that has been working in the DRC since 2002. Their vision is that people and their societies can resolve conflict without violence, and build a sustainable and inclusive peace. They work with those directly affected by violent conflict to find lasting solutions, support the development of policies for sustainable peace, and collaborate with all those fighting for peace.



Madini has contributed to the management of some 50 conflicts and 400+ incidents in mining areas and advanced several improvements in mining governance, including the introduction of the “blue mine” status.