Project presentation DigiMENTE is an initiative focused on improving media education in Spanish-speaking Latin America with more than 6,000 teachers trained and over 200,000 students impacted, strengthening key skills in critical analysis of information, creativity, collaboration, and ethical reflection. These initiatives seek to expand media literacy awareness and tools in the region through a contextualized … Continued

Disinformation and digital marketing

Project presentation InternetLab’s approach to tackling disinformation in the digital age involves working with digital marketers through constructive dialogue. Their aim is to engage a wide range of people and help them gain a deeper understanding of what misinformation is. By promoting cooperation and innovation, they hope to achieve their long-term goals of promoting a … Continued

Sports School: Empowerment of Vulnerable Girls

Project presentation The ‘Bici y Fútbol’ Sports School works annually with one hundred girls from 6 to 17 years old from Soacha, a socially and economically vulnerable municipality close to Bogotá, teaching them through sports to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexual abuse, promoting the exercise of healthy and responsible sexuality and providing them with a … Continued

Allies for the Amazon

Project presentation Several examples have proved that promoting Indigenous governance is beneficial to reduce biodiversity loss. Although COP15 increased recognition about the contribution of indigenous communities to conservation, there is still much to advance. “Allies for the Amazon”, implemented by SPDA in the Amazonian regions of Madre de Dios and Loreto has proved to be … Continued

Connecting the Global South with AST-GS1

2023-24 Scale-up project   Project presentation Astralintu’s equatorial ground station, AST-GS1, has been operational since May 2023, forming the foundation of its Equatorial Ground Station Network (EGSN). It serves as a reliable communication bridge between satellites and end-users, supporting research and education. This achievement is a crucial step towards its goal of bringing space to … Continued

Empate for America-Solution for Down Syndrome

Project presentation Empate supports people with Down Syndrome (DS), creating non-profit spaces and activities free of charge. Based in Córdoba, Argentina, the Foundation develops a free social franchise (FS), creating process manuals and control panels to expand the Empate model. Currently, through the FS, Empate is developed in the Argentine provinces of Tucumán, Mendoza, and … Continued

Reserva Mato da Onça: forêts pour l’avenir

Project presentation The Mato da Onça Reserve is a private conservation unit, created in 2014 with the aim of urgently conserving the flora and fauna of the caatinga (a semi-arid biome exclusive to Brazil with only 2% of its protected area) in Baixo São Francisco. The general objective is to preserve the DNA of the … Continued

Traditional knowledge and global impact

Indigenous peoples possess valuable traditional knowledge that needs to be protected. To date, Peru has only registered knowledge corresponding to less than 1% of the communities. At SPDA we seek to reduce this gap and strengthen the promotion of authorized use of traditional knowledge associated with biodiversity both at a global and national level. A … Continued

Sustainable Growth via Responsible Capital

Illicit forest economies and environmental crime are taking a heavy toll on the environment, as well as on the lives and livelihoods of those who dwell in the Amazon. The Igarapé Institute addresses these issues by not only shedding light on the ecosystem of environmental crime in the region, but also by strengthening governance and … Continued

Women for climate justice

The Barranquilla+20 Foundation with the support of the Gates Foundation, develops the initiative called WOMEN FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE that considers the social effects of gender equity in the fight against climate change, empowering and training 15 women leaders from Colombia strategic socio-environmental contexts. The initiative has a positive impact in promoting the participation, recognition and … Continued