Protecting the planet and the people

Connecting the Global South with AST-GS1

South America

2023-24 Scale-up project


Project presentation

Astralintu’s equatorial ground station, AST-GS1, has been operational since May 2023, forming the foundation of its Equatorial Ground Station Network (EGSN). It serves as a reliable communication bridge between satellites and end-users, supporting research and education. This achievement is a crucial step towards its goal of bringing space to emerging countries and supporting sustainable development through global partnerships and community capacity building. Astralintu’s operations contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals: 5 (3 of 5 teams led by women), 7 (over 80% renewable energy use), 8 (enabling access to the space industry for young professionals in Ecuador), 9-10 (improving infrastructure and inclusion in emerging countries), and 17 (working with global partners).


Organization presentation

Astralintu specializes in space logistics and ground segment operations, providing in-orbit satellite services and ground station solutions. Its vision is to inspire innovation in space, pioneering the New Space industry in Latin America. It aims to shape the future of space logistics and the ground segment, driving progress for its customers and communities.



“Astralintu opened the door to the space industry and offered me a boundless journey of growth, where the sky is not the limit – it’s just the beginning.”

Mylena Barreto, Executive Secretary, Astralintu