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Empate for America-Solution for Down Syndrome

South America

Project presentation

Empate supports people with Down Syndrome (DS), creating non-profit spaces and activities free of charge. Based in Córdoba, Argentina, the Foundation develops a free social franchise (FS), creating process manuals and control panels to expand the Empate model. Currently, through the FS, Empate is developed in the Argentine provinces of Tucumán, Mendoza, and Buenos Aires, as well as in Lima, Peru, benefiting more than 600 people from different geographic areas. It aims to generate a greater impact, reaching more communities from different economic and social strata. Its medium-term goal is to develop the Empate model in Ecuador, Colombia, and El Salvador, where these spaces are lacking in society, making it impossible for a person with DS to access free activities of quality. It works together with the UEFA Foundation, other NGOs, universities, governments, and the private sector.



Organization presentation

Empate Foundation’s mission is to accompany and empower the development of people with Down Syndrome. It creates learning spaces through 100% free cultural, sports, and job workshops and aims for a more equitable and inclusive society in all areas. The values it promotes are Empathy, Respect, Trust, Equality, Equity, and Commitment. Empate Foundation’s main objective is to promote the personal and social recognition of people with Down Syndrome through sports, cultural and job training activities as a framework for social inclusion.



“Since joining Empate's football school, my son Luciano has become more confident and active. He's made friends and feels like he belongs. It's been life-changing for him and our entire family.”

Andrea Bean, mother of a beneficiary.