Protecting the planet and the people

Allies for the Amazon

South America

Project presentation

Several examples have proved that promoting Indigenous governance is beneficial to reduce biodiversity loss. Although COP15 increased recognition about the contribution of indigenous communities to conservation, there is still much to advance. “Allies for the Amazon”, implemented by SPDA in the Amazonian regions of Madre de Dios and Loreto has proved to be a successful strategy to improve the governance of 3 indigenous organizations and strengthen their contribution to conservation and has secured more than 1 million 500 hectares of indigenous territories. The project, based on a rights-based approach, focuses on:

1. The need to secure indigenous territories and recognize them as conservation zones

2. Reducing the risks to which indigenous communities are exposed to as a result of their roles as guardians of the Amazon

3. Strengthening indigenous governance related to biodiversity



Organization presentation

Since it was founded in 1986, SPDA, a non-profit civil association, has based its work on strengthening the legal framework and public policies related to the protection and defense of the environment under the principles of governance, equity, and justice. SPDA has a proven capacity to promote reforms and legal changes, has published hundreds of articles, and has worked closely with decision makers, indigenous organizations, civil society, academia and media.



The project proved to be successful by:

· Securing +1 million 500 hectares of indigenous territories

· Improving the governance of 3 indigenous organizations

· Strengthening their role in conservation.