Protecting Populations from Critical Harm to the Public Core of the internet

Ensuring the protection and resilience of critical information infrastructures is crucial to the continuity of essential services to populations. However, global cooperation in this regard has been hampered by a lack of convergence between States on what infrastructure qualifies as “critical” as well as on consequences to be drawn from this designation. New methods remain … Continued

International taxation to scale up development and climate action

(Session co-organized with Europe Climate Foundation). There is an urgent need to mobilize new, additional, predictable and adequate financial resources – in addition to current commitments – to support developing and vulnerable countries transition to a low carbon and nature positive economy, while addressing the adverse effects of climate change, including loss and damages, as well … Continued

Fighting Global Disparities through Equitable AI for Equitable Policies

Pervasive disparities in public policies across health, education, wealth, gender, and race, present a significant threat to realizing the transformative potential of AI. Concerted global efforts are needed to ensure that the development and use of AI serve peaceful and prosperous societies everywhere. However, these efforts can only be fruitful if the experiences and knowledge … Continued

South-North Dialogue to help achieve SDG 2 and 13 in Africa: An Agricultural Revolution for Sustainable Food Security

The Covid-19 epidemic and the war in Ukraine have exacerbated structural trends: food insecurity is set to increase due to rising demographics and declining crop yields caused by climate change. The challenge of the century will be to produce more while decarbonizing. Faced with this situation, Africa has immense agricultural potential. It can feed its … Continued

Exploring the ethics and global governance of genome editing

Thanks to significant technological advances, genome editing is becoming increasingly accessible. The healthcare applications of such innovations offer great potential for personalized medicine and the understanding of many diseases. However, genome-editing techniques also carry safety risks and raise ethical questions. While the potential benefits of genetic therapies on somatic cells could be significant, related scientific … Continued

Safeguarding the Trees of Life: Uniting Climate and Biodiversity Agendas

Join this roundtable to explore the paramount role of forests in achieving climate and biodiversity goals and their alignment with the COP15 roadmap. With a rich diversity of landscapes such as the Chinese bamboo forests, Mexico’s iconic Chapultepec, the vast Amazon rainforest, the Sahel acacia savannas or the Brazilian caatinga and mangroves, forests are key … Continued

Seeds of Innovation: Women as Catalysts for Agricultural Resilience

In the face of food crises and climate change, the impact on agriculture and access to food is at an increasingly critical stage. Recognizing the pivotal role of women in sustaining life on our planet, this roundtable aims to shed light on their significant contributions to agriculture and the 2030 Agenda. This session will showcase … Continued

Generating Local Value through Sustainable Mining

(Session co-organized with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)). The global shift towards sustainable energy sources and the resulting demand for minerals and metals presents significant challenges for countries rich in these resources. Yet these countries can benefit from increased demand by leveraging their mineral reserves for economic growth and diversification. By providing meaningful and stable … Continued