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Using open data to combat corruption


2023-24 Scale-up project


Project presentation

Corruption has a devastating impact on the lives of people around the world. Open data is especially useful in fighting corruption: it allows us to analyze a government’s tax collection, public spending, and investment, as well as track the assets of public officials and government contractors, and public subsidies received by institutions. The Open Data Charter collaborates with governments, organisations, and activists to open up data and respond effectively to policy challenges. They have developed and implemented practical tools such as the Anticorruption Open Up Guide, the Anticorruption Commitment Creator and the Roadmap to Fight Corruption with Open Data. They want to show the impact the implementation of these tools has had and make them known so that other governments and actors can use them.


Organization presentation

The Open Data Charter is a collaboration between over 170 governments and organizations working to open up data based on a shared set of principles. They promote policies and practices that enable governments and civil society organisations to collect, share, and use well-governed data, to respond effectively and accountably to the following focus areas: anti-corruption, climate action and gender equality.



"The tools identify priority datasets and work on how to participatorily engage to co-create commitments on how to use open data to combat corruption at all levels."

Natalia Carfi, Executive Director