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The Stockholm Treaty Lab

Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

- To meet the global climate goals, enormous investments are needed in green and sustainable technologies and services. - International treaties can increase investment flows by providing incentives and protecting investors from excessive risk. - The challenge: Drafting a new international treaty that states can adopt to encourage green and sustainable investments. F57 The Stockholm Treaty Lab is an innovation contest that challenges teams to draft a model international treaty that would encourage green and sustainable investments. A treaty that would both serve the states’ needs and interests, and offer incentives and protections to investors. This challenge was accepted, through the crowdsourcing platform HeroX, by more than 40 teams from across the globe. In addition to lawyers, team members ranged from environmental scientists to climate diplomats. The 20 model treaties submitted were assessed by a jury of relevant experts, and the results were announced in July 2018. The two winning teams drafted innovative treaties that encourage green investments and disincentivize unsustainable investments.