Ensuring trust and safety in the digital world

SecureID+: Enhancing Digital Identity with AI


Project presentation

SecureID+ leverages AI to enhance digital identity systems, prioritizing privacy and inclusivity. It addresses identity verification challenges for diverse populations globally, ensuring secure digital interactions. By detecting identity fraud, promoting inclusivity, and establishing ethical AI practices, SecureID+ fosters cross-sector collaboration and interoperable digital identity systems. Capacity building and awareness initiatives drive responsible AI integration. Results include AI-powered authentication techniques, privacy-preserving algorithms, and behavior-based fraud detection. Key partners encompass technology companies, government agencies, and research institutions. SecureID+ aims to establish an inclusive, secure, and privacy-enhanced digital identity ecosystem, with widespread adoption of responsible AI practices.


Organization presentation

Lawyers Hub: Empowering Digital Policy in Africa. They specialize in digital policy and regulatory analysis across the continent, addressing emerging legal and technology matters. With expertise in digital taxation, internet governance, data protection, AI, and intellectual property, they advocate for impactful policies. Their achievements include 110+ webinars, policy submissions, hackathons, and toolkits.



“Our biggest concern is not the roll out of digital ID in Africa. It’s the roll out of digital ID in the absence of legal frameworks that protect privacy and data.”

Alice Munyua, Senior Director, Mozilla