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Eces electoral projects in ethiopia

European centre for electoral support (ECES)

The European Response to Electoral Cycle Support in Ethiopia (EURECS Ethiopia) is a 16.55M EURO project funded by the EU under the European Development Fund and by the German state-owned development bank KFW, on behalf of the German government. EURECS Ethiopia is implemented in synergy with the Prevention, mitigation and management of election-related conflicts and potential violence (PEV Ethiopia) project, worth 3.6M EURO and fully funded by the EU. Implemented by ECES, the projects complement each other’s objectives. While EURECS Ethiopia aims to strengthen the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) and to contribute to enhancing the transparency and public confidence in the electoral process, PEV Ethiopia focuses on the prevention and mitigation of conflicts and violence that may arise during the electoral cycle by capacitating non-state actors in addressing its root causes.