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Counterterrorism Online


This project will introduce Facebook's counterterrorism efforts including: how internal company policies have developed; how machine learning and artificial intelligence can work in cooperation with human expertise, and how we can scale impact across different platforms). This presents an opportunity to share the development of shared industry counterterrorism efforts, most notably inter-company sharing of propaganda indicators; and it will pose key ethical and policy challenges that merit debate within society writ large. Social media companies play an increasingly important role preventing terrorist organizations from exploiting the Internet. Facebook uses cutting edge technology and a team of more than 200 people to identify and remove terrorist content from its platform. In conjunction with YouTube, Microsoft, and Twitter, Facebook has also led the effort for technology companies to share indicators of terrorist propaganda through the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. Private efforts like this are critical in our modern security environment, but they raise important and challenging questions about how companies should engage one another, ethical uses of technology, and the ways that companies and governments should engage.