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Digital Democracy Charter

Selected at the 2018 Paris Peace Forum to receive one year of support in 2019

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Digital Democracy Charter aims to design a public policy response to steer technological development back towards serving the wellbeing of democratic societies.


Disinformation techniques know no boundaries and have rapidly been taken up by autocrats, extremists and populists all over the world. The project Digital Democracy Charter is based on the idea that our democracies are awash in digital disinformation.

This project offers a set of principles, the Digital Democracy Charter and an Action Plan to help governments, civil society and the private sector working together to solve problems. Led by Luminate, the project supports governments and translates the proposed action plan into concrete political commitments and actions at the national and regional levels to fight against digital disinformation. For every country, the strategy will look different and be customized to meet local needs. But digital disinformation constitutes a global problem, to which a global response is needed. The Charter and Action Plan constitute advocacy tools for discussion, coalition building and change-making in law, policy and practice in democracies around the world.

The main principles defended by the Digital Democracy Charter are the following ones:
• The right to be protected from illegal content.
• The duty to shield the public from fraudulent media.
• The right to know who is trying to influence our political views and how they are doing it.
• The right to data privacy.
• The duty to protect the public against the exploitation of concentrated market power.
• The duty to educate the public about the social and political impact of new technologies.
• The duty to foster a robust public sphere and an informed electorate.

In the coming year, the main objective is to encourage governments to engage concrete actions and fight digital disinformation. For this project, the Scale-up Committee of the Paris Peace Forum provides strategic and advocacy advice.


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