Space-enabled Urban Solutions in Nepal (SUSN)

Project Presentation SUSN is an AI-enabled, space-derived innovative technology initiative addressing urban challenges in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) capital of Nepal. KMC is home to 1.6 million people and faces chronic traffic congestion every day. Lack of planning, digital information on land use, house information and road mapping has led to unplanned, dense urbanization and … Continued

Goidhoo-Atoll Earth Observation Pilot Maldives

Project presentation The pilot project focuses on using Earth observation (EO) technologies to build climate resilience, with fieldwork taking place from February 25 to March 2, 2023. A consortium of local and international entities is investigating the five issues affecting the community that were identified with extensive community consultation: seagrass trends, inconsistent agricultural yield, coastal … Continued

Prevent Post-Harvest Loss & Empower Farmers

Project presentation Every year, farmers in Nepal experience significant post-harvest loss, which can exceed as high as 50% under adverse conditions. The majority of these farmers are rural & smallholder, and unable to capitalize on their production due to lack of market access, high transportation cost, and lack of processing facilities. Khetipati Organics works directly … Continued

Indigenous Knowledge for Social Resilience

Project presentation The lives of indigenous communities are threatened by land-grabbing which prevents them from pursuing their traditions including agricultural activities. The consequences are the disappearance of local knowledge and a dwindling food supply. Indigenous women are particularly affected, notably by the inability to maintain food security and pass on traditional knowledge of ecosystems and … Continued

Community & Livelihood support in Afghanistan

Our objective is to support the most vulnerable Afghans, most notably women, girls, poor households, people with disabilities and other marginalized communities, especially as they are going through severe economic, social and political crisis in these times of duress. Our project’s approach is straightforward and effective: we work with CDDO, a reputable national NGO consisting … Continued

Youth Climate Conclave (YCC)

In a quest of working toward youth, the Delegation of the European Union to India with GIZ, CEEW and TERI launched the Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) in 2019. YCC was envisaged as a competitive and educative mode of action, wherein youth from across the country were invited to join hands to address climate change issues. … Continued

Open Data for Indigenous and Ethnic Minority

This project is crucial for indigenous and ethnic minority (IEM) communities to have better access to the data and information for exercising their rights to self-determination and self-governance. Storytelling with data enables communities to protect their collective interests and to engage in decision-making processes while raising public awareness. This project aims to expand the initiative … Continued

Gender Mainstreaming in Indian Foreign Policy

The concept of Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) is gaining global traction. Diverse voices from the global south that offer unique experiences and lived realities can add to the growing understanding on how a FFP could change the trajectory of governance to make it more impactful, inclusive and lasting. Through extensive research, consultations and deep discussions … Continued

Joint Environment Venture for South Asia

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  The project has enabled cross-border collaboration toward transformative solutions to South Asia’s environmental crisis: melting glaciers, unprecedented floods, and unbreathable air. Long-standing political conflict in the region hinders joint solutions to these shared challenges. Convened by world-leading peacemakers, the platform stood out by its ability to work across the India-Pakistan … Continued

Global Full-stack aquaculture platform

Aquaconnect enables data-driven solutions using Artificial intelligence and satellite remote sensing to improve aquaculture productivity and value chain transparency. The project aims to drive sustainability at the farm level: they work with 60,000+ fish and shrimp farmers across coastal states of India. Their programs bring better access to farmers to adopt sustainable farming through a … Continued