Protecting the planet and the people

An Inclusive Approach to the Space Economy


2023-24 Scale-up project


Project presentation

Non-spacefaring nations or early-stage spacefaring nations are often encouraged to invest in outer space with no realistic pathway to generate returns. In addition, nations often prioritize space projects that promote national pride or prestige, but at the expense of addressing sovereign needs and economic development. In theory, space is open to everyone — any nation is entitled to benefit from space and access to space systems. In reality, space activities that make sense for one nation may be useless in another due to differences in the way each national government and economy operates. This project’s approach is to mitigate the disparity, narrow the gaps, and help support the development of spacefaring nations that will thrive. This is done through economic analysis in partnership with nations seeking to create inclusive economic growth by using space.


Organization presentation

The Caelus Foundation adheres to the principle that every individual on Earth is a stakeholder in the development of the space domain. They bring together leaders and influencers of the space domain to enhance a deeper collective understanding, defend and amplify the voices of stakeholders who have been marginalized in the development of the space domain, and engage with members of the public who have yet to see the value in their opportunity to participate in space.



The global space economy was US$546 billion in 2022 according to @SpaceFoundation. A negligible fraction of the benefits went to developing nations. Caelus Foundation and partners are working to change that.