Bring them home: empowering women to find disappeared loved ones

The School for Leadership, Participation and Democracy, launched in 2020, aims to strengthen the capacities of female whose relatives have disappeared – sometimes in the process of searching for their loved ones – to demand for truth and justice. It offers a space for them to exchange ideas with members of different groups and states, … Continued

Youth on track

Jóvenes con Rumbo (JcR) is a secondary and tertiary prevention for youth who are excluded from the formal labor market, who have not concluded their education cycles and are at risk of engaging in violence and crime, or in conflict with the law. JcR has an integral and intensive working model that includes life and … Continued


WhistleblowingCorruptionCoronavirus is a friendly tool designed for any person to report acts of corruption related to the detection, handling and treatment of the COVID-19 virus, the violation or restriction of access to personal data, and governmental failures in, both, public and private hospitals. The registration of these corrupt actions gives us enough data and information … Continued

Gender-based violence risk model

As a result of social isolation measures during the Covid-19 pandemic, intimate partner violence (IPV), often referred to as ‘domestic violence’, is known or feared to have increased in many countries. In Mexico specifically, phone calls to the National Shelters Networks related to domestic violence showed a temporary increase of 80% after social-distancing measures took … Continued

School of Peace

The School for Peace is a formative space that comprehensively articulates various topics aimed at the training of promoters of peace. Its objective is to offer a space for learning, meeting and capacity-building for civil society organizations and social activists on their way to transforming social conflicts. It consists of a series of workshops developed … Continued

NiñaSTEM Pueden

NiñaSTEM Pueden seeks to facilitate more equal representation of men and women in scientific fields for the purpose of more equitable, inclusive growth and development. The project aims to increase the exposure of young girls to different topics and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through mentoring programs.

Mexico’s School Reconstruction Map

The School Reconstruction Map is a web app that fosters collaboration and strong organizational capacities in the reconstruction of schools damaged by the earthquake that struck Mexico in 2017. Its goals include expanding cooperation between public and private stakeholders, enhancing accountability, and facilitating transparency in the allocation of funds and the processes to rebuild education … Continued

Transparency in reconstruction

FFM’s website´s platform has become an example of transparency both on a national and international level. It was presented as a success story in the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations in the Panel “Partnering with the Private Sector: How Data can improve Humanitarian Response.” This is a completely new approach to track and … Continued

Transcultura-Cuba/ Caribbean Culture Programme

Transculture aims to build bridges across the peoples and cultures in the region and with the European Union. In particular, targeting youth from all the linguistic areas of the Caribbean region, the programme will improve skills and expand opportunities of cultural professionals through people-to-people exchanges and knowledge transfer between Cuba, the region and the EU. … Continued

Civic Justice Model ignites change in Morelia, Mexico

The Civic Justice Model, developed by Morelia’s Municipal Security Commission with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is a promising, effective strategy that responds to peacebuilding and development challenges. It also provides short-term solutions to swiftly resolve community conflicts and prevent the escalation of violence. Success is linked to the … Continued