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School of Peace

Servicios y Asesoría para la Paz, A.C. - SERAPAZ
Central America

The School for Peace is a formative space that comprehensively articulates various topics aimed at the training of promoters of peace. Its objective is to offer a space for learning, meeting and capacity-building for civil society organizations and social activists on their way to transforming social conflicts. It consists of a series of workshops developed through SERAPAZ’s methodology for Positive Conflict Transformation, and includes tools and exercises that build leadership skills, reinforce assertive communication and create partnerships between grassroots movements and social actors. The School for Peace aims to strengthen the capacities of local activists from different social, cultural and geographic backgrounds, in Mexico and beyond. By training social and community leaders in the peaceful transformation of conflicts, the School enables them to be actors of change for the improvement of social conditions and the transformation of the structural causes of the conflicts they experience. This leads them to contributing actively to the construction of a culture of peace that develops from the local level.