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Gender-based violence risk model

Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GMBH
Central America

As a result of social isolation measures during the Covid-19 pandemic, intimate partner violence (IPV), often referred to as ‘domestic violence’, is known or feared to have increased in many countries. In Mexico specifically, phone calls to the National Shelters Networks related to domestic violence showed a temporary increase of 80% after social-distancing measures took effect. The goal of this joint project by the GIZ Data Lab, GIZ Mexico, Data Pop Alliance and multiple national partners is to develop an innovative approach to identify areas in Mexico in which the population could be at most risk of experiencing IPV, as well to generate key insights about the factors that are at play when IPV takes place. A dedicated Council for the Orientation of Development and Ethics will provide advice and counsel for the development and deployment of the project.