Stepping up Child Safety Online

Being offline is no longer an option for many children and youth today. The digital revolution has brought them easier access to education, information and knowledge and new ways to express themselves and socialize.  But these benefits also come with serious risks. According to the 2023 Global Threat Assessment online, child sexual exploitation, abuse and … Continued

Seeking Common Ground in a World of Rivalry

In a world dominated by a rising US-China rivalry and damaged by conflicts, climate change and the lingering consequences of the pandemic especially on the most vulnerable countries, it is as urgent as ever to find common ground on the governance of global commons and global public goods. But one can wonder if it is … Continued

SDG and democracy in peril: collective strategies to safeguard information integrity

(Session co-organized with IFPIM – International Fund for Public Interest Media). Mounting threats to information integrity, including large investments in information warfare by autocratic and illiberal actors and the rise of Generative AI, are imperiling progress on the 2030 agenda. Independent media is facing an existential economic crisis, hampering its ability to combat information disorder. … Continued

Bridging the global challenges of Food security and climate change

(Session co-organized with OCP Group). To feed a growing population while protecting the planet, we need to close the yield gap while enabling the agriculture sector to go beyond net zero and play a significant role in carbon sequestration. Leading climate scientists have warned that it’s “now or never” if we are to meet the goals … Continued

“The climate crisis is a health crisis”: accelerating health systems adaptation to climate change

(Session co-organized with Foundation S). Because of the emergence of new diseases, the multiplication of extreme weather events or air and water pollution, the direct and indirect effects of climate change on health are multiplying and getting more frequent. The climate crisis is putting healthcare systems to the test, demonstrating the crucial need to develop … Continued

Aligning Climate and Trade: Paving the Way for Sustainable Carbon Markets

(Session co-organized with Climate Action Platform for Africa).Inclusive, interconnected and robust international carbon markets are key to financing climate smart interventions that will improve our chances of keeping global warming within 1.5 degrees. While compliance markets in the Global North are taking shape, voluntary markets have recently been criticized by media and researchers for lack … Continued

Climate Overshoot risks: building coherent and collaborative responses

The Global Commission on Governing Risks from Climate Overshoot (the ‘Climate Overshoot Commission’) is an independent group of eminent global leaders who recommends an integrated strategy to reduce risks should global warming goals be exceeded. While the primary means to combat climate change should remain the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, it has become necessary … Continued

Female Combatants: roles and needs in conflict and post-conflict peacebuilding

(Session co-organized with the European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments). This panel is to showcase female combatants’ stories by highlighting that women may simultaneously occupy more than one role while being involved in active combat. The panel will also discuss how to ensure better female combatants’ participation in peace negotiations. It is important to highlight women’s … Continued

Saving peacebuilding from global competition

The world is experiencing the highest number of violent conflicts since the Second World War, with 2 billion people living in conflict-affected areas and over 100 million people forcibly displaced and new daunting new threats. But since the Covid pandemics and the invasion of Ukraine, donor countries have shifted their budget priorities to national economies … Continued