Stage B

Saturday 11 November 2023


Female Combatants: roles and needs in conflict and post-conflict peacebuilding

Crafting peace and building a safer world

(Session co-organized with the European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments). This panel is to showcase female combatants’ stories by highlighting that women may simultaneously occupy more than one role while being involved in active combat. The panel will also discuss how to ensure better female combatants’ participation in peace negotiations. It is important to highlight women's participation in non-state armed movements and the challenges they face in being recognized and heard during and after conflicts. Recognizing the diversity of women's roles and experiences in such contexts is crucial for achieving gender-just, inclusive, and sustainable peace. Efforts to include women's voices in decision-making processes and address their needs and demands can contribute to more effective conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction. It is essential to challenge gendered assumptions and work towards a more comprehensive understanding of the roles women play in conflicts and in building peace. (The objective of our panel is to question preconceived notions about women in the military by highlighting their military experiences, reasons for joining the army, and exploring how the needs of female combatants can be more effectively incorporated into peace processes and agreements, while also examining their increased involvement in peace negotiations.)

Comfort Ero

President and Chief Executive Officer, Crisis Group


Peter Wagner

Director and Head of Service, Service for Foreign Policy Instruments, European Commission


Annette Weber

European Union Special Representative for the Horn of Africa


Sandra Ramírez Lobo Silva

Member of the Senate, Colombia, Former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Combattant


Elena Ambrosi

Advisor on human rights, victims rights, security and peacebuilding. Former member of the Colombian government delegation in the peace process with the FARC-EP.


Olha Vesnianka

Combatant, military volunteer, Defense Headquarters of Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine


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