Stage B

Friday 10 November 2023


Aligning Climate and Trade: Paving the Way for Sustainable Carbon Markets

Protecting the planet and the people 

(Session co-organized with Climate Action Platform for Africa).Inclusive, interconnected and robust international carbon markets are key to financing climate smart interventions that will improve our chances of keeping global warming within 1.5 degrees. While compliance markets in the Global North are taking shape, voluntary markets have recently been criticized by media and researchers for lack of environmental integrity and transparency. Project developers, buyers, and regulators alike face a labyrinth of challenges in navigating this complex landscape. Key concerns involve tapping into developing markets, enhancing the quality of carbon projects, ensuring fair revenue distribution to local communities, navigating changes brought by Article 6, and aligning global trade rules to support sustainable carbon markets in the Global South. With support from expert panellists, we will engage in a discussion to update our shared understanding and explore potential pathways towards a better aligned trade and carbon market regime that enables climate and economic goals.

Jack Kimani

CEO, Climate Action Platform For Africa (CAP-A)


Wei Qing (Susan) Zhu

Board Chairman & CEO, Shanghai Treasure Carbon New Energy Environmental Protection Technology Ltd.


Kamal Omari

Director, Namene


Paul Sebastien

Director and Co-founder, Carbon Offset Certification


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