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The project is a leadership network of female and male decision makers from civil society, international organizations and member states committed to achieve gender equality in their activities.


International Gender Champions is a leadership network of decision-makers determined to break down gender barriers and make gender equality a working reality in their sphere of influence. The network was launched at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, July 2015. The network numbers over 200 active Champions and Alumni who are the heads of International Organizations, Permanent Missions, and Civil Society. All Champions sign the Panel Parity Pledge to no longer sit on single-sex panels. Champions also make two individualized commitments to achieve gender equality in their organization, and work in groups on sector specific impact (c.f., Trade, Representation, Disarmament, Standards, Finance). IGC’s Trade Impact Group made history at the World Trade Organization's MC11 in 2017, when its Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment was joined by over 120 Member States and Observers. IGC's Disarmament Impact Group was nominated as Arms Control Person(s) of the Year in 2018. IGC’s unique model of tri-partite leadership of civil society, international organization, and member state coupled with high level partnerships of female and male decision-makers working powerfully together for gender equality could perhaps be considered a stealth app for democracy:  Multilateral, inclusive and resilient, optimizing access, accountability, agency, and policy, responsive to the underrepresented half of the population. 

In the coming year, IGC would like to be introduced at the highest level and become more involved in key international events, for example through an implication of the project in advisory groups on gender equality issues. IGC also wishes to increase its visibility, and to develop the communication around the project in Europe. The Scale-up Committee helps by providing strategic advice in the areas of communication and human resources. Tailored support is also provided regarding advocacy and political lobbying.


A tri-partite leadership network led by civil society, international organizations and member states, that brings together female & male decision-makers to break down gender barriers.


14 May 2019: Some 50 organizations worldwide signed the Declaration for Gender Responsive Standards and Standards Development and pledged to create and implement gender action plans. The Declaration constitutes the result of the Gender Responsive Standards Initiative with which International Gender Champions has been associated.

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