AI Governance: A Collective View from the South

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world faster than the world can mitigate intensifying geopolitical divisions and socio-economic disparities. As technological change outpaces regulatory policy, no common framework has yet emerged to coordinate the numerous governance approaches across multiple national contexts. The concerns and interests of the citizens and civil society of the Global South … Continued

StopNCII is a free tool that supports victims of Non-Consensual Intimate Image (NCII) abuse. Often referred to in the media as Revenge Porn, NCII is a catastrophic form of abuse that destroys lives (both sharing or the threat to share). Launched in 2015 by SWGfL, the UK Revenge Porn Helpline has supported over 13,000 NCII … Continued

Global Index on Responsible AI

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  The Global Index on Responsible AI (“GIRAI” or “Global Index”) is a multi-year project that aims to advance and expand the global movement and agenda on responsible AI. It aims to measure the evolution of commitment and progress on the implementation of responsible AI principles and practice globally in more … Continued

The Oversight Board

Founded in 2020, the Board is the first ever experiment by a social media platform to allow independent oversight of content moderation decisions. Created by Meta, but firmly independent from it, the Board promotes freedom of expression and other human rights online, while also strategically tackling the most harmful content on social media. The 23-person … Continued

Safe Digital City

The Safe Digital City is a digital analysis and concept-development program piloted by Nordic Safe Cities, Malmö Municipality, and the Swedish Center for prevention of Violent Extremism (CVE) in collaboration with researchers at Analyse & Tal. The project aims at giving local actors a strengthened picture of the hate speech and threats circulating social media … Continued

Empowering Women through Careers in Tech

At Laboratoria, we empower women who dream of a better future to start and grow transformative careers in technology by providing a 6 month bootcamp in technical and life skills. We have trained 2,500 women as web developers and UX designers who have gone on to fill the talent and gender gap in tech, and … Continued

Pegabot-Exposing bot disinformation in Brazil

The project Exposing bot disinformation in Brazil ensures that uses of robots in social media to promote disinformation are faced with transparency and media literacy practices. Through the uses of an algorithm that promotes transparency on bot behavior in social media, the project aims to strengthen the ownership of civil society organizations, media organizations and … Continued

The “International Outreach for a human-centric approach to Artificial Intelligence” ( project funded by the European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) and implemented in cooperation with DG Connect, contributes to setting up an ethical framework enabling the global growth of AI in accordance with EU and universally recognized values and prepare the ground … Continued

Humanitarian Digital Infrastructure

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  Commit Global built and deployed the digital infrastructure Ukrainian refugees need if entering Romania, the EU country with the longest border with Ukraine. The ecosystem ensures: Accurate official information on entering & staying in Romania The authorities with necessary digital infrastructure for aid management Access to healthcare for the chronically … Continued

Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA)

The Policy and Regulation Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA) aims to enable the African continent to reap the benefits of digitalization and build the capacities of AU Member States. It is a joint initiative of the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU), and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) supported by the EU-funded Pan African … Continued