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Humanitarian Digital Infrastructure

Commit Global

2022-23 Scale-up project



Commit Global built and deployed the digital infrastructure Ukrainian refugees need if entering Romania, the EU country with the longest border with Ukraine.

The ecosystem ensures:

  • Accurate official information on entering & staying in Romania
  • The authorities with necessary digital infrastructure for aid management
  • Access to healthcare for the chronically ill
  • Management tools for NGOs
  • Access to education
  • Access to psychological aid

Access to information, ensuring access of refugees to critical support: housing, aid, transport, healthcare were achieved within weeks. To date, 2 million people have received aid thanks to their humanitarian aid infrastructure. Their institutional partners include the Romanian government, UNCHR, UNICEF, IOM, RNCR.


Project's trajectory over the past year

Since November 2022, the project has gained momentum enabling Commit Global to have conversations with Governments, important foundations, and civil society organizations across Europe and elsewhere.

The geographic reach spread to Moldova and two solutions were added to the system built, one that offers post-traumatic stress disorder support to first responders and refugees, as well enabling refugees to understand the legal framework they need to access in case of different life events.



With the help of Commit Global’s 2,500+ volunteers, Dopomoha.ro was live in only three days, ensuring Mission 1: access to information, used by over 500,000+ refugees so far.