Global Full-stack aquaculture platform

Aquaconnect enables data-driven solutions using Artificial intelligence and satellite remote sensing to improve aquaculture productivity and value chain transparency. The project aims to drive sustainability at the farm level: they work with 60,000+ fish and shrimp farmers across coastal states of India. Their programs bring better access to farmers to adopt sustainable farming through a … Continued

Supporting Indian Trade and Investment 4 Africa

Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa (SITA) is a South-South trade and investment cooperation program. It is the United Kingdom’s (FCDO) first Aid-for-Trade initiative in Triangular Cooperation. Implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC), SITA has facilitated USD 60 million of additional trade and USD 111 million of investment between SMEs in India and … Continued

Weaving the recovery

COVID-19 has simultaneously reduced revenues and increased the housework burden for Indigenous Women, while exposing their dire lack of access to essential services. This project will tackle the systemic socio-economic inequalities faced by Indigenous Women in Guatemala, Peru and Mexico. Rooted in intricate traditional textiles, it will weave an entrepreneurial fabric tailored to the post-COVID … Continued

Safe trade facility

Trade in Africa has been characterized by many hurdles and inefficiencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need to keep borders open and trade flowing, especially essential goods (food and medical supplies). TradeMark East Africa as one of the largest Aid for Trade organisations worldwide has 10 year of successful experience in trade facilitation and … Continued

Pour un textile equitable

The Fairtrade certification already benefits 1.7 million vulnerable producers and workers in 1,700 producing organizations, representing 10 million direct and indirect beneficiaries in 74 developing countries. About 2,000 companies (hundreds of SMEs and some multinationals) are involved with us: based on a win-win partnership (SDG 17), the Fairtrade standards ensure sustainable, socially responsible, and reliable … Continued

Trade for Peace

Approximately half of the countries in the process of acceding to the WTO are considered ‘fragile and conflict affected’ (FCA). The ‘Trade for Peace’ Initiative, launched in December 2017 at the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires, aims at using the WTO accession process as a pathway to economic growth and development, fundamental elements … Continued

One Country, One Product, One Chef, One Plate: Connecting consumers and farmers

The International Trade Centre, the World Tourism Organization, and the Basque Culinary Center are collaborating to promote and support small farmers and food artisans in developing countries, especially in the least developed countries (LDCs), to develop new and innovative projects, upscale existing products, and create closer links between the consumers and the tourism industry.

XtraPay – A Thank you to the Farmer

Through globalization, supply chains have become more complex and consumers are increasingly interested in the origin of products. XtraPay aims to make value chains more transparent, reduce social inequality and make mobile money – and thus financial inclusion – accessible to farm workers in the Global South. Specifically, XtraPay is a voluntary bonus payment system … Continued

D50 Enterprise Digital Economy Summit

Based on the Charter of the United Nations and established international norms, the Enterprise Digital Economy Summit of Fifty Countries (D50) advocates for equity and fairness, openness and transparency, co-negotiation, co-construction and mutual sharing, jointly establishing a platform for dialogue, communication, cooperation and development among the global digital economies.

World E-Commerce Alliance

As economies become more interdependent, instances of militarized conflict are likely to decrease. During the past decade, e-commerce has been growing rapidly to become a new driving force of the world economy. With the advancement of new technologies, digital retailing is connecting economies and some 360 million consumers across the globe. China, with its vast … Continued