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Safe trade facility

Trademark east africa

Trade in Africa has been characterized by many hurdles and inefficiencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need to keep borders open and trade flowing, especially essential goods (food and medical supplies). TradeMark East Africa as one of the largest Aid for Trade organisations worldwide has 10 year of successful experience in trade facilitation and established a 20m USD Safe Trade Facility as soon as the pandemic hit Africa. TMEA proposes to extend the Safe Trade model as well as the post-Covid recovery phase to the African Continent: 1) “Mainstreaming safe trade across the Continent” by making sure trade is medical compliant. Including rolling-out the tracking app and the implementation of Safe Trade Zones. 2) “Bouncing back better” during the post COVID-19 recovery phase by investing in - Digital trade corridors - Green trade corridors - Africa trading with Africa