Not so bleak: Lessons learned from innovative approaches to peacebuilding

Peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction are often hard to measure and are overlooked for bleaker narratives and headlines. This session is devoted to inclusive, sustainable, and innovative solutions for a broad set of victims of war, from women, refugees, and asylum seekers to victims of arbitrary detentions and torture to name a few. Projects in the … Continued

Cultivating Cooperation: Ground-up solutions for productive and sustainable agricultures

Drawing on the multistakeholder ethos of the Paris Peace Forum and echoing its mission to promote dialogue between the global North and South, we explore inventive approaches within agriculture to build strong and sustainable nutrition and food systems in Africa. To challenge prevailing assumptions, encourage knowledge-sharing, and catalyze South-South cooperation, this session will bring together … Continued

Exploring the ethics and global governance of genome editing

Thanks to significant technological advances, genome editing is becoming increasingly accessible. The healthcare applications of such innovations offer great potential for personalized medicine and the understanding of many diseases. However, genome-editing techniques also carry safety risks and raise ethical questions. While the potential benefits of genetic therapies on somatic cells could be significant, related scientific … Continued

From science to policy: how to inform decision-making on pandemic prevention, preparedness & response?

(Session co-organized with PREZODE). The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial importance of science and dialogue between scientists and policymakers in providing an effective response to the crisis. If this dialogue has been decisive, it could be extended beyond crisis periods in order to inform political decision-making and improve our collective preparation for pandemics. This … Continued

3rd Summit for Information and Democracy: “Cooperating for the integrity of information”

In a context marked by the multiplication of infodemia, massive campaigns to manipulate information and drastic restrictions on press freedom, the third Summit for Information and Democracy will bring together political decision-makers and civil society experts to strengthen international cooperation in the fight against disinformation. Organized by France in conjunction with the Forum on Information … Continued