Salle 1

Saturday 11 November 2023


Sports – A heavyweight champion for inclusive and sustainable societies

Addressing inequalities and accelerating SDGs

As the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw nearer, the Paris Peace Forum is proud to gather a diverse array of remarkable sports projects from around the globe. They embody the transformative power of sports, showcasing how it imparts empathy, cooperation, and resilience—the essential ingredients for fostering open, inclusive, and just societies. The various initiatives all challenge social norms by promoting inclusivity and sustainability through sports and illuminate its profound and universal impact, not only on mental and physical well-being but also as a fundamental tool for achieving the SDGs. From shattering gender stereotypes and bridging social and economic divides to nurturing peace through understanding and tolerance, they stand as key drivers of positive change on the ground. Join us in this session as our selected projects share their inspiring stories of making a tangible difference in their societies.

Laurence Pantin

Justice Transparency Program Coordinator, México Evalúa


Alexandre du Garreau

Member of the Executive Committee and Spokesperson for sports, Allianz France


Ludovic Dau

Head of Programs, Peace and Sport


Charlotte Groen

Executive Director, Circus Zambia


Natalia Espitia

Founder and General Director, Fundacion Ninas Sin Miedo


German Laborda

President, Fundacion Empate


Alma Eunice Rendón Cárdenas

General coordinator, Red Viral


Nina Dabboussi

Programme coordinator, Terrains d'Avenir, Kabubu


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