Protecting Mother Earth: Climate action by and for Women

While the climate crisis is a threat for everyone, it does not affect us all equally. Mainly because they represent 70% of the 1.3 billion people living in multidimensional poverty (UNPD, 2021) and are more dependent on threatened natural resources, women are more vulnerable to climate change. Paradoxically, they are also often left out of … Continued

The Great economic de-coupling: Globalization in need of therapy

Confronted with an increasing risk of geopolitical fragmentation, the global economy is facing its perhaps biggest test since the Second World War. Over the past decades, flows of capital, services, goods and people have radically transformed our world for better and worse and the global economy has tripled in size. Although it meant significant development … Continued

Global Goal on Adaptation: capacity-building and resilience to climate change

The Paris Agreement adopted a Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA) but left its content and substance undefined.  The Glasgow-Sharm el-Sheik Work Programme was set up to elaborate the GGA under an overarching “framework,” scheduled to be finalized at COP28. Two differing perspectives have arisen, which have the potential to slow down the progress of the … Continued

Safeguarding the Trees of Life: Uniting Climate and Biodiversity Agendas

Join this roundtable to explore the paramount role of forests in achieving climate and biodiversity goals and their alignment with the COP15 roadmap. With a rich diversity of landscapes such as the Chinese bamboo forests, Mexico’s iconic Chapultepec, the vast Amazon rainforest, the Sahel acacia savannas or the Brazilian caatinga and mangroves, forests are key … Continued

A mine of sustainable initiatives for a just environmental transition

The mining sector is generally perceived as being polluting, corrupt and connected to Human rights violations, and yet it is also a crucial industry in the acceleration of the green transition. Renewable-energy technologies such as solar panels and windmills are built using a great variety of minerals which will have to be extracted in greater … Continued

Maneuvering Towards Space Sustainability: Cooperative strategies for future safety and security

Space activities are accelerating at a rapid pace, ushering in a range of opportunities for humanity while posing new global challenges in space safety and sustainability. Deepening international partnerships and gaming-out strategies to mitigate risks will be vital to harnessing these opportunities and to ensuring future sustainability, safety, and security. Join Foreign Policy, Amazon, and … Continued

COP28: High stakes and little time to deliver on climate action

While the latest IPCC report states that the world is likely to surpass the 1.5°C threshold, increasingly frequent and devastating climate disasters worldwide call for urgent large-scale action. However, climate action is often one of many urgent priorities that must be addressed. The COP28, set to take place in Dubai a few months after the … Continued

Fostering Lunar Policy Priorities for Safe and Sustainable Lunar Development

With over a hundred lunar missions planned by 2030, international policies and standards are needed to enable safe and sustainable lunar development. To begin this crucial work for our common future in space, this roundtable introduces the Lunar Policy Platform, an international, non-governmental, non-profit entity aiming to facilitate shared solutions to common lunar problems through … Continued

Delivering on the Paris Pact for People and the Planet (by invitation only)

The Summit on a New Global Financing Pact (NGFP), held in Paris on 22-23 June 2023, helped establish a common diagnosis on the challenges and necessary efforts to achieve the joint objectives of eliminating poverty and preserving the planet. The Paris Pact for People and the Planet (4P) issued on this occasion provides a political … Continued