International taxation to scale up development and climate action

(Session co-organized with Europe Climate Foundation). There is an urgent need to mobilize new, additional, predictable and adequate financial resources – in addition to current commitments – to support developing and vulnerable countries transition to a low carbon and nature positive economy, while addressing the adverse effects of climate change, including loss and damages, as well … Continued

The Paris Dialogue in action: A roadmap for finance and sustainable development sciences

(Session co-organized with the Agence française de Développement (AFD). At the Summit for a New Financial Pact (SNPF), leaders of international organizations and institutions from the field of sciences and finance based in Paris launched the Paris Dialogue Platform, marking their desire to join forces to establish Paris as a laboratory for sustainable development solutions, a … Continued

Bridging the global challenges of Food security and climate change

(Session co-organized with OCP Group). To feed a growing population while protecting the planet, we need to close the yield gap while enabling the agriculture sector to go beyond net zero and play a significant role in carbon sequestration. Leading climate scientists have warned that it’s “now or never” if we are to meet the goals … Continued

“The climate crisis is a health crisis”: accelerating health systems adaptation to climate change

(Session co-organized with Foundation S). Because of the emergence of new diseases, the multiplication of extreme weather events or air and water pollution, the direct and indirect effects of climate change on health are multiplying and getting more frequent. The climate crisis is putting healthcare systems to the test, demonstrating the crucial need to develop … Continued

South-North Dialogue to help achieve SDG 2 and 13 in Africa: An Agricultural Revolution for Sustainable Food Security

The Covid-19 epidemic and the war in Ukraine have exacerbated structural trends: food insecurity is set to increase due to rising demographics and declining crop yields caused by climate change. The challenge of the century will be to produce more while decarbonizing. Faced with this situation, Africa has immense agricultural potential. It can feed its … Continued

All about impact: Maximizing the role of philanthropy in the age of multicrises

(Session co-organized with Postcode Lottery). Philanthropies have the agility and capital to invest in innovative solutions in an era of compounding global threats to people and the planet. Yet, philanthropy is often misrepresented as either the world’s last resort financier or a de-risker of projects that cannot be funded by public or private capital. Philanthropy can provide … Continued

Feminist Foreign Policy: The solution for people, peace and planet?

Session co-organized with the Global Partner Network for Feminist Foreign Policy. In this session, meet feminists in government and civil society who are joining hands to disrupt traditional approaches and innovate toward more sustainable outcomes for people, peace and planet. Now more than a dozen countries in all 5 UN regions have embraced a feminist approach—could … Continued

Facing the pandemics era: renewing the global health architecture

Nearly four years after the discovery of COVID-19, and while efforts continue to strengthen our collective preparedness, pandemics remain a global threat. While political attention is diverted from pandemic preparedness and response, the substantive results of negotiations around a pandemic accord and revisions to the International Health Regulations give cause for concern. Lessons on solidarity … Continued