Stage C

Friday 10 November 2023


Facing the pandemics era: renewing the global health architecture

Addressing inequalities and accelerating SDGs

Nearly four years after the discovery of COVID-19, and while efforts continue to strengthen our collective preparedness, pandemics remain a global threat. While political attention is diverted from pandemic preparedness and response, the substantive results of negotiations around a pandemic accord and revisions to the International Health Regulations give cause for concern. Lessons on solidarity and equity need to be learned to build a more coherent global health ecosystem. This session will provide valuable information on efforts to prevent and respond to future pandemics, taking stock of ongoing negotiations, the results of the UN High-Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response, and other instruments such as the Pandemic Fund.

Raj Kumar

President and Editor in Chief, Devex


Hatice Beton

Executive Director, The G20 Health and Development Partnership


Henry Oryem Okello

Minister of State for International Affairs, Republic of Uganda


St├ęphanie Seydoux

WHO Envoy for Multilateral Affairs, Office of the Director General, World Health Organization (WHO)


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