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STAR-C (Solar Technology Application Resource-Center) program

International Solar Alliance

Building on the momentum that appeared in the wake of the conclusion of the 2015 Paris Agreement and the Founding Conference of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) in March 2018, the ISA aims at pooling efforts, investments and knowledge in order to reduce the cost of solar technology as well as accompanying the development and deployment of solar energy among its participating states. The STAR-C (Solar Technology Application Resource-Center) program is a key element of this endeavor. Launched in March 2018, this programme will aim at building a network of technical training and research centers in order to promote knowledge dissemination and capacity-building with regards to solar energy and infrastructure projects. STAR-C centers will be involved in harnessing solar finance, solar technologies, innovation, research and development, and capacity building for the benefit of Members. In this regard it contributes in achieving the SDG7.