Protecting the planet and the people

PREZODE: Preventing Zoonotic Disease Emergence


2022-23 Scale-up project



PREZODE (Preventing ZOonotic Disease Emergence) is an international and multi-actor initiative supported by the Quadripartite to improve prevention, early detection, and resilience to rapidly respond to emerging infectious diseases of animal origin through a One Health cross-sectorial approach.

PREZODE is a dynamic platform for sharing innovative knowledge, and a resource center for decision-makers enabling the implementation of actions to reduce pandemic risks and provide public policy guidance.

With almost 250 member organizations (from 65 countries), including 25 governments, and 1500 scientists, PREZODE builds on existing operational projects in the South and expertise from its members, such as CIRAD, INRAE and IRD, the International Alliance against Health Risks in Wildlife Trade, and the Pandemic Action Network.


Project's trajectory over the past year

PREZODE has strengthened its leading role in promoting the prevention of pandemic risks through bottom-up approach solutions by:

1. Showcasing its added value through practical case studies;
2. Increasing its visibility and legitimacy with mentions in the G7 and G20 health ministers’ reports;
3. Broadcasts;
4. Opeds published during the One Forest Summit and the Summit for a New Financial Pact and a call to better integrate science-based solutions in PPR decision-making process.



  • 250 organizations and 25 countries joined as members,
  • 10 projects ongoing in the Global South for a total engagement of 60 million euros,
  • 3 high-level working groups currently being launched with 3 international organizations (WHO, FAO, WOAH).