Goidhoo-Atoll Earth Observation Pilot Maldives

Project presentation The pilot project focuses on using Earth observation (EO) technologies to build climate resilience, with fieldwork taking place from February 25 to March 2, 2023. A consortium of local and international entities is investigating the five issues affecting the community that were identified with extensive community consultation: seagrass trends, inconsistent agricultural yield, coastal … Continued

Net Zero Space White Papers

Since its launch in November 2021, the Net Zero Space initiative to protect the Earth’s orbital environment has been calling for concrete actions to tackle the pressing challenge of space debris, with the ultimate aim of achieving sustainable use of outer space by 2030. Over the past year, the Net Zero Space coalition has grown … Continued

Cosmopolitan Ethics for the Human Future

Project presentation Technologies are poised to alter the meaning of being human. Genome editing, especially of the human germline, raises fundamental questions of the dignity and integrity of human life. This scientific and technological frontier is also a moral frontier, with implications for all life on the planet. It demands inclusive and far-reaching deliberation drawing … Continued

It’s Time for a Climate Agenda for All the People of Our Planet

Op-Ed by Mo Ibrahim This month marks a critical period for multilateralism. Over the next two weeks, both COP27 and the Paris Peace Forum will gather world leaders, civil society organisations, businesses, and financial institutions to discuss some of the global crises upon us. Of the crises unfolding, climate change is the most acutely felt … Continued

Premium carbon credits for solar empowerment

Project Presentation Namene provides affordable, reliable, everyday devices to low-income, off-grid families – harnessing clean technology to transform lives. Their high-quality solar lights are subsidised through the sale of Gold Standard Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs), allowing them to bring clean lighting to underserved households in Africa at up to 70% off on retail value. Each … Continued

Jeunesse Sahélienne pour l’Action Climatique

Project presentation As part of the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub, under the Environment Preservation and Climate Change Cluster, the Jeunesse Sahélienne pour l’Action Climatique (JESAC) is a youth empowerment for climate justice project in Niger and Burkina Faso. In the context of the Great Green Wall Initiative, this innovative agroforestry project was developed involving local … Continued

The Climate Fund for Nature

Project presentation Announced in December 2022 at the COP15 in Montréal, the Climate Fund for Nature has been initiated by KERING and L’OCCITANE Group to scale-up investment in nature-based solutions, so the world can meet its climate change, biodiversity, and land degradation targets. To date, the Fund combines ambitious commitments, totaling €140m out of a … Continued

« Madini » Minerais pour la paix

Project presentation The Madini project uses conflict management interventions and improvements in mining governance in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to secure access to critical minerals, while simultaneously ensuring these key minerals are exploited responsibly. The project thus contributes to the stability and economic development of the mining areas, creating a win-win situation … Continued

Tizeti community WiFi, powered by Eutelsat.

Project presentation Low broadband in Nigeria reaches less than 44% mobile and 2% fixed internet penetration out of a population of 200 million. This project leverages satellite broadband infrastructure from Eutelsat and Tizeti’s community Wi-Fi management platform to deliver a fast and affordable public Wi-Fi hotspot service in underserved areas in Nigeria. The project seeks … Continued