Acting Together for a Responsible Transition Minerals Sector

At the 5th edition of the Paris Peace Forum, actors from all over the world launched the “Acting Together for a Responsible Transition Minerals Sector” initiative. International organizations, companies and business alliances, NGOs, foundations and high-level dignitaries agreed on the need to remove obstacles to collaboration to ensure sustainable access to and use of minerals … Continued

Space-enabled Urban Solutions in Nepal (SUSN)

Project Presentation SUSN is an AI-enabled, space-derived innovative technology initiative addressing urban challenges in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) capital of Nepal. KMC is home to 1.6 million people and faces chronic traffic congestion every day. Lack of planning, digital information on land use, house information and road mapping has led to unplanned, dense urbanization and … Continued

Extractive Industries Governance in the DRC

Project presentation The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to many of the minerals required for the green energy transition, yet these minerals are extracted from the country instead of being leveraged to induce sustainable development in Congo. This not only disrupts the global value chain linking DRC to consuming countries, but also perpetrates … Continued

Safeguarding Gene Synthesis

2023-24 Scale-up project   Project presentation Cheaper & globally distributed gene synthesis technology increases the risk that malicious actors could misuse this technology to create and modify biological agents. The incentives, standards, & technological approaches in place for screening orders & customers have not kept up with the pace & reach of synthesis technology. The … Continued

Net Zero Space

As activities in outer space have entered a new era of growth, creating new possibilities for human development, the amount of orbital debris is increasing dangerously. International governance frameworks are not tackling the new challenges faced by the space sector.   What is the Net Zero Space initiative?   The Net Zero Space initiative is … Continued

Promoting Ethical Approach to Gene Editing

Project presentation Advancement in gene editing technologies such as CRISPR is fueling new scientific discoveries in cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and various gene therapies, enabling life-saving treatments and promising to revolutionize healthcare. But gene editing, like so many emerging technologies, has its ethical downsides. Broader application of gene-editing tools can lead to the risk of … Continued

Towards a more resilient global health architecture after Covid-19

Despite impressive breakthroughs, the last two years of the pandemic have exacerbated pre-existing challenges to global health. The scientific and medical achievements of developing vaccines within 18 months, the launch of specific tools such as ACT-A and COVAX to support more equitable vaccine access, as well as more recent proposals to reform the global health … Continued

Climate Overshoot Commission

The Climate Overshoot Commission is an independent group of distinguished global leaders who built a bold and actionable strategy to mitigate risks should global warming exceed established goals.   CONTEXT In 2015, in Paris’ COP21, the international community agreed to restrict global warming to well below 2°C and to make efforts to limit it to … Continued

Armed forces pledge to reduce their impact on the climate

Climate change represents an immense challenge for global security. Food insecurity, the multiplication of extreme weather events, the vulnerability of equipment and infrastructure are likely to cause large-scale social and international unrest. This challenge also affects the armed forces. In 2021, the Paris Peace Forum brought together 22 Ministers of Defense from all continents to … Continued

Security, Human Rights and Critical Minerals

Project presentation Mining of critical minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) presents great promise for economic and social development in a country with chronic instability and weak governance. The project aims to improve the human rights and security of communities living around mining sites in the DRC through dialogue with government and private … Continued