Multilateral Negotiation Database

Due to the rotating nature of multilateral summits, knowledge and experience on the facilitation of multilateral negotiations is lost every year. The Multilateral Negotiation Database is an online platform offering hosts and stakeholders best practices and advice to guide them through complex multilateral settings. The overall objective is to foster deeper cooperation on key transnational … Continued

Environmental Conventions Index: Measuring and explaining the implementation of global environmental conventions

Environmental conventions are created to address global environmental problems. Assessments of the achievement of environmental goals, however, indicate that there is room for progress and for stronger collective action. There are, however, no systematic empirical instruments to measure implementation and to determine the factors behind countries’ results. It is therefore necessary to expand existing analytical … Continued

Just Security 2020

The Stimson Center, in collaboration with governments, civil society groups, businesses, and international organizations, has initiated Just Security 2020 to advance the recommendations of the Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance. Co-chaired by Madeleine Albright (former U.S. Secretary of State) and Ibrahim Gambari (former Foreign Minister of Nigeria and UN USG), the Commission released … Continued

Global Pact for the Environment

The Global Pact for the Environment project aims to recognize the fundamental rights and duties that guide environmental action. A preliminary draft of the treaty has been drawn up by an international network of around 100 experts, and in 2018 the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution paving the way for negotiations on the Pact. … Continued

Global Diplomacy Lab

We are 160 members from 65 countries working for a more inclusive diplomacy and connecting local stakeholders to global ideas. On site we tackle policy challenges, creating ready-for-action solutions which are adaptable to our own environments. Together we seek answers to questions such as “What should diplomacy look like in the future?” and “What competences … Continued

The Educator’s Challenge

“The Educators’ Challenge” is a competition which seeks innovative approaches to engage students and broader audiences in discussions on better frameworks of global collaboration. These approaches should provide a basis for continued ideation and discussion on how we can better address the greatest challenges of our time.

The New Shape Process (NSP)

At a time when the threats posed by climate change and rising nuclear tensions have driven some stakeholders into denial and isolation, this project offers hope that multilateralism will prevail. The New Shape Process (NSP) empowers the international community to collectively tackle global catastrophic risks through governance innovation and leadership. Building on the success of … Continued


At various prestigious universities worldwide, academics and practitioners developed case studies covering a wide variation of topics in diplomatic practice. These case studies are unique learning tools for international relations students and diplomats as it offers a detailed overview of the key actors, the challenges and reasoning for the decision-making at crucial moments in diplomatic … Continued

The Stockholm Treaty Lab

– To meet the global climate goals, enormous investments are needed in green and sustainable technologies and services. – International treaties can increase investment flows by providing incentives and protecting investors from excessive risk. – The challenge: Drafting a new international treaty that states can adopt to encourage green and sustainable investments. F57 The Stockholm … Continued