Crafting peace and building a safer world

Trasformación de la ONU en Parlamento Mundial para La Paz y Seguridad efectiva.

Centro mexicano de responsabilidad global

In the absence of a "world parliamentary system" violence and wars prevail under the law of the strongest. Therefore, a new global strategy is proposed through the Revision of the UN Charter based on the 1st paragraph of its art.109 and the Mexican constitutional reform of Article 39 that allows Mexico to join a world parliamentary system , in accordance with the Citizens' Initiative. The legal and political procedure towards this new paradigm of the system of united nations will be developed in two stages: 1. To request the General Assembly of the UN to convene a General Conference of Members for the purpose of Reviewing the Charter (1st paragraph of art. 109). 2. Once the Conference is installed anywhere in the world and without a time limit, it is possible to adopt a resolution in the Conference to initiate a legal and political process aimed at transforming the UN into a United Nations Parliament, with the same foundation of the San Francisco Conference of 1945 (derived from the doctrine of ius cogens) "We the Peoples of the United Nations", which expresses the preamble of the Charter. In other words, instead of proposing "any reform" (2nd paragraph of art. 109), the transformation of the entity itself is proposed, to institute as a result a World Parliament. In both stages the procedure is immune to the right of veto, based on the right to Self-Determination of Peoples