Our vision

Our initiative is based on a simple observation.

Global problems without cooperative solutions lead to conflicts.
The challenges the world faces—climate change, terrorism, migration, cyber insecurity and the like—ignore borders. Addressing them requires international cooperation and collective action. However, collaboration is increasingly difficult as countries are turning inward. Today, the international community fails at producing the needed solutions.

Our world is not going in the right direction.
States are competing hard for advantage and populism is undermining the institutions and mechanisms for collective action. Democratic spaces are shrinking and inequalities are widening. Military expenditures are growing fast while the United Nations budget is cut. International norms, in particular, human rights, are disregarded. The Internet is becoming a jungle where data is hacked and fake news spread. International justice if being questioned. And we are losing the race against global warming.

This situation is not conducive to peace.
It leads to new conflicts on all continents. Peace is not just the suspension of war. Peace is made up of all the solutions that help reduce international tensions: cooperation to fight climate change and mitigate resource scarcity, institutions to channel power rivalries and better administer global public goods, regulation to address abuses of power and inequalities, intergenerational bridges and gender equality to create more peaceful societies. In other words, peace will only be sustainable if effective global governance underpins it.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to bridging this governance gap.

We convene all stakeholders to advance concrete practical solutions, when there are none, in six major themes:

  1. Peace & Security
  2. Development
  3. Environment
  4. New Technologies
  5. Inclusive Economy
  6. Culture & Education

We support, improve, and complement multilateral institutions.
Multilateral organizations with universal membership have legitimate mandates for the creation of rules and mechanisms to solve transnational problems. We pick up the slack when these institutions cannot act or when the solutions proposed are insufficient.

We are multi-stakeholder.
We foster hybrid coalitions by bringing together old and new actors of global governance: states and multilateral organizations, but also local governments, NGOs, companies, foundations, and civil society at large.

We are project-oriented.
We showcase and support concrete projects. They are either normative (instruments of law, standards, and good practices) or capacity-building (new institutions, mechanisms, and innovations).

Our work

We are both an actor and a platform.

We are an event to mobilize all stakeholders for collective action.
Every year, on 11-13 November at la Grande Halle de La Villette, we place global governance at the top of the international agenda.
At our event, we invite public and private organizations around the world to showcase their governance projects. These projects are presented in stands and are discussed in debates with policymakers, elected officials, experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders.
Our event is also a launchpad for flagship initiatives: new major mechanisms or soft-law instruments that have the potential to help address a global challenge at scale.
More generally, it is the place where stakeholders discuss global governance issues and cooperate on solutions. It also offers opportunities for networking, bilateral meetings, and track-two exercises.
Our event is more than a conferenceit also a fair, a congress, and a summitmade up of three spaces:

  1. Space for Solutions: All organizations can showcase and advance a new governance project.
  2. Space for Debates: Stakeholders discuss projects, initiatives, and ideas to address the challenges of our world.
  3. Space for Innovations: Experts help create the technological solutions for the world of tomorrow.

We are a resource to help implement and scale-up the most promising governance projects
All year round, we help support ten governance project selected among those showcased at the event.
We offer tailored assistance along three dimensions: policy and advocacy, communication, and venture support.

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