Sustainable Norms of Behavior in Space

The absence of reliable data and a clear picture of the disruptions current operators will face as a result of the unrestrained expansion of activities and objects in space has severely hindered progress toward developing norms of behavior for space traffic management. This project seeks to fill that gap by developing a model that can … Continued

Traditional knowledge and global impact

Indigenous peoples possess valuable traditional knowledge that needs to be protected. To date, Peru has only registered knowledge corresponding to less than 1% of the communities. At SPDA we seek to reduce this gap and strengthen the promotion of authorized use of traditional knowledge associated with biodiversity both at a global and national level. A … Continued

A circular economy for space

With more than 10,000 tons of waste into orbit, it’s time to change. Instead of just seeing a threat, Orbit Recycling recognizes the value of debris, it’s recycling potential. By introducing the concept of a circular economy, Orbit Recycling supports the sustainable exploration of the Moon. Dangerous debris is transformed into valuable material, without the … Continued

The Climate Pathways Project

The Climate Pathways Project aims to expand the reach of our En-ROADS climate solutions simulator, co-developed with Climate Interactive. En-ROADS is a first-of-its-kind tool that can show–on any laptop and in seconds–the impacts of global climate policy decisions on societal factors. It helps to spur conversations about the co-benefits and equity considerations of various climate … Continued

Space – Mission Assurance Platform

Digantara is taking the first steps towards sustainable space and enabling circular space economy through its pioneering platform Space – Mission Assurance Platform aka Space – MAP. Digantara is developing a two-pronged system to address the difficulties of space operations and situational awareness. Space-MAP will serve as a one stop solution for all space operations … Continued

Local participation for security & resilience

The Sahel region has experienced a convergence of challenges. The security situation has deteriorated significantly; the region is considered one of the most vulnerable to climate change worldwide and this dynamic is amplified by rapid population growth which increases the pressure on resources. The FREXUS project has been designed to support the peaceful resolution of … Continued

African farmers as climate entrepreneurs

2022-23 Scale-up project   Overview  This project aims to prove viable business models for African smallholder farmers to adopt a range of climate-smart interventions, whose carbon impact is tracked, validated and translated into revenue that can either go to the farmers or towards subsidizing the costs of new technologies or of driving adoption of new … Continued

Use Space Debris as a Space Resource

CisLunar Industries is a space technology company building in-space metal processing systems that enable the transformation of space debris into valuable space resources to fuel the emerging in-space industrial revolution. The CisLunar Industries Modular Space Foundry (MSF) is a low-mass, low-cost, modular metal processing system that receives metal feedstock and processes it into basic metal … Continued

Sustainable Health Care Waste Management

Effective medical waste management during and after the Covid-19 outbreak is an issue in developing countries, and the UNDP is helping authorities across the world to overcome this challenge. In Sri Lanka, the initiative promotes new digital and gender-responsive solutions to local healthcare waste (HCW) management. Work focuses on bridging the last-mile safe disposal of … Continued

Pacific-EU Marine Partnership Programme

The Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) program supports sound ocean and coastal governance, focusing on biodiversity protection and the sustainable use of fisheries and other marine resources. With European Union and Swedish funding, the PEUMP program focuses on gaps in fisheries science; fisheries development; coastal resources and livelihoods; illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing; ecosystem-based … Continued